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Sale Success Secrets

Video Course

  • What drives business valuations in the real world

    • Why competition works wonders
    • What you need to do to get a remarkable result form the sale of your business, when the time is right
  • The opposite of success in selling a business?Catastrophe!

    Chilling cases where failure to sell ruined businesses and families. Count-down checklist to avoid launch failure.

  • Seeds of success to sow early if you ever do want to sell

    Establishing "sale-ability", weeding-out value depressants & making growth avenues credible takes time. Nothing to lose (and so much to gain) by starting early!

  • Remarkable results -but only if you know how to find the right buyers and run a process that pushes them to compete (confidentially) 

    Buyers want sellers to accept modest valuations. They focus on the past and on your stand-alone value. But spectacular success is possible, if you know how. Look at several eye-opening case studies from first hand experience!


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