Essential Course for Business Owners:

"Business Sale Success Secrets"

From The Exit Expert, Dr. David Young

Just Some of The Highlights

of What You're Getting:

If you want to sell your business one day...without risk of catastrophic failure, on the one hand, or selling at a gross undervalue, on the other ... and if you want to grasp the essentials fast (and at a remarkably low price relative to the value of these top practitioner's insights), this crisp course is for you.


Here's what you're getting with 'Business Sale Success Secrets' and how it can help you NOW.

  • A revelation of what's possible, even when selling a small business, once you realise that value is in the eyes of the beholder (& what your business can do for the buyers

    Business owners are brainwashed to believe that valuation is a matter of applying modest multiples to their historical profits. Trade buyers, private equity firms and their financial advisers all have a vested interest in peddling this propaganda and focussing on "stand-alone value".  


    But the truth is that there are three building blocks of value, and "stand-alone value" is only one of them. The other two relate to "combination value", which is all about the benefit your business brings to various different buyers. Your business may help them grow sales, cut costs, fill gaps in product lines, cross-sell and move into new markets, regions or technological opportunities.  


    Combination value may dwarf stand-alone value. There are no rules in this area. So it's vital to be alert to the possibility that your business may mean a lot to some potential buyer(s) - and to bear in mind that they will not volunteer to pay any more than they have to. This brings us to the next point...

  • The Secrets of Spectacular Sale Success through harnessing the power of a savvy Sale Process and through serious Sale Preparation

    The only way to find out what buyers might be willing to pay for your business is to push them to reveal their hand, through a carefully constructed sale process designed to do just that. 


    A good sale process is a voyage of discovery, only achievable by nurturing options for the seller, creating competition while preserving confidentiality, and encouraging bidders to put their best foot forward through sealed bids.  


    The power of professional preparation is to provide articulate advocacy of the return on investment your business can provide to the buyer(s) - both stand-alone and in combination with a buyer's business. The seller needs to make this case convincingly; buyers have neither the information not the inclination to do so for themselves!


    One of the great benefits of this course is that it lays out in detail how to do all this.

  • An understanding of the risks of a failed sale, and how to protect yourself against potential disaster by proper preparation (including a professional pre-launch count-down check)

    Yes, it is vitally important to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of premium pricing, through professional sale process and preparation.


    But even more important is taking all the steps necessary to prevent a failed sale. Because, as several case studies show, a failed sale can be catastrophic for the business, and wreck relationships among the shareholders (who may be in a family).


    This course shows you how to insure your sale against disaster.

    May I ask, how much is that worth, to you? 

In the video at the top of this page, I explain the crying need which this course addresses.


I believe in 'starting with "Why?"', and there you have it, in a nutshell.


If you are the Owner or the Manager of a business which you might ever want to sell one day, the sooner you learn these Secrets, the better.  And here they are, in an easy to assimilate video course comprising 7 modules: the Business Sale Success Secrets ...

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and watch the video I made to explain why this course matters so much to Owner Managers, particularly of small & medium sized businesses.


With my very best wishes for your personal and business success,




Dr. David Young

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